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Are These the Best Multi-Purpose Mirrors You Can Buy?


When putting together the long travel Polaris RANGER XP 1000 North Star project build, we decided to only use the best parts suited for an epic adventure shop rig. With that in mind we opted for a set of Sector Seven Sawtooth Billet Lighted mirrors for a bit of function and form. They quickly became one of the best upgrades on our shop rig by serving not just one purpose, but three; a mirror, a turn signal, and LED lights.

UTV Sports Photo by Justin W. Coffey

A lot of companies are making mirrors, but most are blinged-out pieces of aluminum with a bit of mirrored glass in them. They look nice but serve little purpose beyond maybe seeing behind you. Conversely, these Sector Seven mirrors can do it all.

The multifunctionality of the Sector Seven Sawtooth Mirrors gets me excited to go to work in the morning. It is a mirror with an LED, but amber side indicators as well. If you live somewhere where side indicators are mandatory to drive on the road, this is a HUGE bonus. To top it off, the mirrors are machined in the good old USA out of solid blocks of 6061 aluminum; that can’t be said for some companies just sourcing from overseas.


So what do I think of them? If I could put these mirrors on the truck I drive to work every day, I would; they are that good. The concave shape and quality glass enhance the optics and visual experience while driving. You can see over twice as much using little surface area without having giant mirrors. There is no need to squint, look down, and constantly adjust to find what you are looking for behind you. A glance to the left or right is all you need.

The LED lighting is bright to boot. At 8,000 raw lumens, on par with many smaller light bars, these mirrors give little reason to need any additional off-road lights. Between angled side shooter and front face lights, these mirrors grant a complete 180-degree field of view at night. While the integrated lights are floodlights, it would be interesting to integrate a spotlight in the future for even more versatility.

Some might be hesitant about the MSRP at $1,038.35, but when considering the value of three separate functionalities, it is worth it to us. Without the lights and indicators, you would have a really good mirror, but would still need to install those two other things. Between the functionality and Sector Seven’s American-made craftsmanship, these might just be the best mirrors we have ever used. Like we mentioned earlier, the Sector Seven Sawtooth Billet Lighted Mirrors are one of the best upgrades we have made to date on our Polaris RANGER.


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