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BedSLIDE 6 4 FT 06-10 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 6 2 FT Toyota 75 Percent Ext 1500lbs Contractor73X48 Inch
BedSLIDE 6 4 FT 06-10 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 6 2 FT Toyota 75 Percent Ext 1500lbs Contractor73X48 Inch


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The BedSLIDE for 6 4 FT Dodge Ram 6 2 FT Toyota 75 Percent Ext1500lbs Contractor73X48 Inch. ALL BedSLIDES ARE MADE TO ORDER FROM THE MANUFACTURER. PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEK TURN TIME . BedSLIDES Are Manufactured WithA 1, 4 Inch Dimension Tolerance. 48 Inch Widths Are 48.25 Inch and fit a standard sheet of plywood. BedLINERS, BedRUGS May Alter Fitment. Please Check Dimensions to ensure proper application.
Call for Custom Size Applications.
BedSLIDE 1500 Contractor Features

  • 1500lbs Capacity (evenly distributed)
  • 75 Percent Extension
  • Guardrails and headboard to contain your cargo
  • WEATHERDECK our exclusive composite light weight decking is durable in all elements
  • 32 inch Wide Grab Bar for easy access from either side
  • Multiple Locking Positions for safety and convenience
  • BedTRAX with D Ring Tie Downs for cargo management
  • Heavy duty CAM Follower Bearings and hard latch system
  • Lifetime Warranty Available with registration. 5 year standard

Product Details

  • HEIGHT: 4 1, 2 inches from truck Bed to deck.
  • Bearings: (2) 3282lb static rated Cam Follower Bearings on load bearing end with (4) ball sealed roller Bearings for guides.
  • Locking: Locking positions every 10-12 inches with locks closed and fully opened.
  • Installation: 1 hour. It FTs recommended to have a dealer install. Install over Bedliners is not recommended as adjustments may need to be made and Bedliners vary. For aluminum Beds use part HALUMKT. Improper Installation can lead to corrosion.

FITS: 2006,2007,Dodge,Ram 1500,Sport|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 3500,ST|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 1500,SLT|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 2500,Power Wagon|2006,2007,Dodge,Ram 2500,Sport|2006,2007,Dodge,Ram 3500,Sport|2006,2006,Dodge,Ram 1500,SRT-10|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 2500,ST|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 1500,ST|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 3500,SLT|2006,2006,Dodge,Ram 1500,TRX|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 1500,Laramie|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 2500,Laramie|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 3500,Laramie|2006,2007,Dodge,Ram 1500,TRX4|2006,2007,Dodge,Ram 2500,TRX4|2006,2010,Dodge,Ram 2500,SLT|2007,2007,Dodge,Ram 3500,TRX4|2008,2010,Dodge,Ram 3500,SXT|2008,2010,Dodge,Ram 2500,SXT|2008,2008,Dodge,Ram 1500,SXT|2009,2010,Dodge,Ram 1500,TRX4|2009,2010,Dodge,Ram 1500,Sport|2009,2010,Dodge,Ram 1500,TRX|2011,2012,Ram,1500,ST|2011,2020,Ram,1500,Laramie Longhorn|2011,2022,Ram,1500,Tradesman|2011,2022,Ram,1500,Big Horn|2011,2022,Ram,1500,Laramie|2011,2016,Ram,1500,Outdoorsman|2011,2018,Ram,1500,SLT|2011,2018,Ram,1500,Sport|2012,2012,Ram,1500,Tradesman HD|2012,2018,Ram,1500,Express|2013,2013,Ram,1500,R, T|2013,2017,Ram,1500,HFE|2014,2015,Ram,1500,Laramie Limited|2014,2018,Ram,1500,Special Service|2014,2022,Ram,1500,Lone Star|2015,2022,Ram,1500,Limited|2015,2022,Ram,1500,Rebel|2020,2022,Ram,1500,HFE|2020,2022,Ram,1500,Special Service|2021,2022,Ram,1500,Limited Longhorn|2021,2022,Ram,1500,TRX|2021,2021,Ram,1500,TRX Launch Edition|2022,2022,Ram,1500,Sport

PAYLOAD: 1500lbs

BED LENGTH: 76.8 Inch
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