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Ford F150 and F250, 350 17-19 No-Drill Factory Mount Install Kit Bedslide
Ford F150 and F250, 350 17-19 No-Drill Factory Mount Install Kit Bedslide


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The Bedslide Ford F150 Factory mount install kit is the perfect solution for truck owners who do not want to drill into their truck bed. Our patented mounting brackets allow us to use your factory bed bolts to secure your Bedslide to the truck bed.

Please Note: The no drill kits only work with the 1000lb model Bedslides. That includes the S model and Classic Silver and Black Edition. It is not compatible with 2017 and previous CL parts.

Please be sure your bed bolts can be loosened prior to ordering.

  • Easy Installation with hand tools
  • No drilling into your truck bed
  • Safe and secure mounting points
  • Sold as a Kit
  • SKU: BSA-F150-2017


  • (8) 5, 16-18 serrated flange nuts, Locktite 242
  • (1) set of cab end brackets
  • (1) set of center mount brackets
  • New bed bolts not included
  • T50 Torx bit, ratchet required for removal of bed bolts (not included)


  • 2017-Present Ford F150 w, 5.5 Foot and 6.5 Foot Beds
  • 2017-Present Ford F250|F350 w, 6.9 Foot Bed

Compatible With:

  • Bedslide S and Classic Models: 1-6548-S|10-6548-CLS|CLB and 1-7548-S|10-7548-CLS|CLB and 10-7948-CLS|CLB

FITS: 2017,2020,Ford,F-350 Super Duty,King Ranch|2017,2020,Ford,F-250 Super Duty,King Ranch|2017,2020,Ford,F-250 Super Duty,XLT|2017,2020,Ford,F-150,XLT|2017,2020,Ford,F-150,XL|2017,2020,Ford,F-250 Super Duty,XL|2017,2020,Ford,F-350 Super Duty,XL|2017,2020,Ford,F-150,SSV|2017,2020,Ford,F-150,Raptor|2017,2020,Ford,F-350 Super Duty,Platinum|2017,2020,Ford,F-250 Super Duty,Platinum|2017,2020,Ford,F-150,Platinum|2017,2020,Ford,F-150,Limited|2017,2020,Ford,F-350 Super Duty,Lariat|2017,2020,Ford,F-250 Super Duty,Lariat|2017,2020,Ford,F-150,Lariat|2017,2020,Ford,F-150,King Ranch|2017,2020,Ford,F-350 Super Duty,XLT|2018,2020,Ford,F-150,Police Responder|2018,2020,Ford,F-350 Super Duty,Limited|2018,2020,Ford,F-250 Super Duty,Limited|2020,2020,Ford,F-250 Super Duty,STX|2020,2020,Ford,F-350 Super Duty,STX

PAYLOAD: 1000 lb

BED LENGTH: 66 Inch|71 Inch|82 Inch
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