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Modular Roof Rack -30" Series- Adjustable width 27"-36"
Modular Roof Rack -30" Series- Adjustable width 27"-36"


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The most adaptable roof rack in the industry. Adjustable width, length, and radius for a perfect fit on your vehicle.
Roof Racks are made up of modular 12″ long sections that can be added or removed as desired. Modular sections will pivot up to 10 degrees per section so it will match even the most radiused cages.
Billet Machined aluminum crossbars will adjust for an overall rack width from 27″ to 36″ (40″ and 50″ series racks also available). If mounting on a roll cage measure from the inside edges of the mounting tubes on your cage to select the proper width rack. Racks can be installed with identical width from front to rear or will also adjust to cages that are narrower in the front than they are in the rear.
These are a light duty roof rack capable of carrying 15-25 lbs per 12″ section. Great for camping gear, spare tires and bulky items that spread out their weight to several crossbars.  Don’t expect these racks to hold a fully loaded cooler, tools, and other heavy items. Keep those items down lower in your vehicle bed where the weight belongs.
Billet aluminum pivot points that tie together each section of rack also double as tie down points to secure your load.
1.0″ round tubing on the front and rear of these racks allow for mounting of lighting and other items using any of the Axia Alloys roll cage accessories.
Lightweight 100% aluminum construction with Stainless steel fasteners. Assembled 30″ series racks only weigh 15-25lbs depending on length.
Multiple roof rack mounting options available SOLD SEPARATELY
Available in Black / Gunmetal Grey powder coat or Raw Aluminum so you can color match to your vehicle.

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