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Polaris General 1000 RackBoss Heavy-Duty Rack and Pinion - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris General 1000 RackBoss Heavy-Duty Rack and Pinion - Off-Road Obsession


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Built for Big Lifts
If tough trails, crazy hills, and top speeds sound like your idea of a good time, what are you doing still running your OEM rack and pinion? When you’re rolling on a 7-10” lift kit, you need a rack and rods that are built for big rides. Upgrade to a steering system that can’t be beat with SuperATV’s RackBoss Heavy-Duty Rack and Pinion for the Polaris General 1000. With larger housings, brawny Z-bend tie rods, and unbeatable chromoly tie rod ends, this kit is designed to put up with the crazy off-road abuse you live for. Say goodbye to sloppy steering and hello to a controlled and more confident ride.

Bulletproof Strength
If you haven’t noticed, we don’t skimp when it comes to aftermarket upgrades. Everything we make is backed by research, expertise, and precision, and this rack and pinion is no exception. With a 65% larger housing, 15% bigger rack gear, and wear-resistant Teflon bushing, this Polaris General rack and pinion will outperform the competition every time. Just look at the numbers: in tests, RackBoss showed no sign of wear or fatigue after 50,000 strokes, while our competitor’s product showed obvious wear after only 30,000.

Your tie rods are only as good as the ends connecting them, which is why this kit comes with heavy-duty 4130 chromoly tie rod ends. They’re oversized, which allows for increased bearing surface area, delivering even more durability. And we finish them with a precision blend of materials and heat treatment for improved functionality.

Your 7-10” lift kit can’t use standard tie rods. Our Z-bend tie rods feature steel gussets that give you the strength you need to run a big lift kit without overextending your joints. The solid steel bar of these tie rods give them extreme strength.

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