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Polaris General Jerry Can & Mount - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris General Jerry Can & Mount - Off-Road Obsession


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Mount Your Jerry Can
There’s nothing worse than filling up your utility jug, traveling five minutes down the trail, and realizing the can is completely empty because it fell over. Adding SuperATV’s Polaris General Jerry Can and Mount to your machine will fix that problem. Not only does it secure your quick-release jug into place, it also has a quick and easy disconnect for convenience. By installing this jerry can, you’re also creating an organized space so you can transport more cargo and tools.

Heavy-Duty and UV Resistant
We’ve designed this mount knowing that you may be hitting a couple of bumps on the way. It’s made from heavy-duty 1/8” steel plating. It's secured by two tie downs—they fit directly into your preexisting mounting points in the bed of your machine. We know that the elements can be tough, so we’ve finished this mount with our UV-resistant powder coating to protect from rust and corrosion.

Includes a Jerry Can
What sizes do our cans come in? We’ve got 1- and 3-gallon size quick-release cans. Choose what you need to get the most out of your mount. The well designed spout makes pouring easy and the vents keep the pressure level.

The convenience of this mount doesn’t start when you’ve added it to the bed of your machine—it starts with the installation process. Add tie downs or use Polaris anchors to make installation as easy as possible. The tie downs secure the brackets into the preexisting factory locations and then just need to be tightened by hand. You’ll have this mount on your machine in minutes.

Not for use with gas or drinking water.

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