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Polaris Ranger 1000 A-Arm Bushings - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger 1000 A-Arm Bushings - Off-Road Obsession


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For a Smooth Ride
All A-arm bushings need replaced eventually. And the harder you ride, the faster they’ll wear out. So why not go for a replacement that’s going to last longer than the one you started with? SuperATV’s A-Arm Bushings keep your Polaris Ranger 1000 running smoother for longer. When you go with our long-lasting UHMW bushings, you’re getting quality and strength you won’t find anywhere else.

UHMW Is Built to Last
Our oil-filled and self-lubricating UHMW bushings produce less friction, resulting in a smoother ride. UHMW is the best material for longevity and durability thanks to its low-wear characteristics. These bushings are CNC machined for a precise fit and feature O-ring pivot caps that keep out mud, water, and debris.

Kit Includes:
(36) Small bushings
(4) Large bushings

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