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Polaris Ranger 1000 Aluminum Roof - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger 1000 Aluminum Roof - Off-Road Obsession


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A Roof That Can Handle the Heat
There’s nothing worse than pulling a long workday in the heat of summer. Are you praying for some relief from the sun? Add SuperATV’s Aluminum Roof to your Polaris Ranger 1000 for comfort and protection. Aluminum is the best roof material for blocking the heat and keeping your cab cool for added comfort. This stylish roof is built tough from our 1/8” aluminum to battle all the elements you face.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction
We’ve designed this aluminum roof with your protection in mind. It’s cut from heavy-duty, 1/8” aluminum sheets for superior strength. We’ve designed it to fit flush with your machine and be secured by thick gaskets and strong clamps giving you a rattle-free ride. Plus, we’ve finished this roof with UV-resistant powder coating for added durability and longevity.

Comfort in All Elements
With this aluminum roof, your riding doesn’t have to be dictated by the weather. Aluminum material is great for blocking heat, so when you need a break from the sun, crawl in your cab for shade. And if it’s raining, our drip edges will redirect the rain away from your cab. No matter the weather, our roof will keep you comfortable and dry.

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