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Polaris Ranger Heavy-Duty Front Differential Gear Case - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger Heavy-Duty Front Differential Gear Case - Off-Road Obsession


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Beef Up Your Front Differential Housing
Your Polaris Ranger is supposed to get through anything you need it to. But your front differential can give up the ghost when you push it too hard or too long. Instead of throwing out everything and starting over, just get SuperATV’s Heavy-Duty Front Differential Gear Case to get a new, beefier housing. Then just drop in whatever stock internals are still in one piece and you’ve got a better, stronger front diff without breaking the bank.

Made to Be Stronger
This differential gear case gives you strength with thicker walls and reinforced mounting. But you also have the choice between cast or billet aluminum. With billet, you get even more strength and a gorgeous shine. The mounting threads on both housings are made with steel helical inserts that prevent them from wallowing out or coming loose no matter how rough it gets.

Comes Preassembled
This housing comes with the magnet and wiring already installed, saving you the tricky and time consuming job of getting it positioned properly. It comes complete with all the bushings and seals you need. All you have to do is drop your diff internals in, mount it up, and kiss your front differential problems goodbye.

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