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Polaris Ranger Transmission Gear Reduction kit - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger Transmission Gear Reduction kit - Off-Road Obsession


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Go Big When You Gear Down
The Polaris Ranger is built for power, that’s why you trust it for everything from picking up sticks in your yard to plowing through some backwoods peanut butter mud. When you go bigger with monster tires or a lift, you’ve got to gear down. Get a Transmission Gear Reduction Kit from SuperATV to boost your torque and stay powerful when you go big. With 12%-38% gear reductions available, you’ll have better acceleration and more power to the ground® than you thought possible.

Stage 2 Gear Set
The Stage 2 gear set gets you a 12% or 25% gear reduction depending on your Ranger’s exact model. What does that do for you? 12% gear reductions give you extra oomph whether you’re running stock tires or tires that are a couple inches bigger than stock. When you go bigger, you need a bigger gear reduction to keep those big tires from robbing your torque—take your power back with a 25% gear reduction!

Stage 3 Gear Set
Get a Stage 3 gear set for a 13% gear reduction regardless of what make and model you have. It’s an ideal gear reduction for a modest tire upgrade, and it even works in vehicles that come with a gear reduction from the factory.

If you want to get the most out of your machine and eek out every last ounce of power from your engine, combine our Stage 2 and Stage 3 gear reductions for a 25% or 38% gear reduction. With all that power, you can plow monster tires through mud, rocks, and hills like nobody’s business.

Go big, and never stop riding.

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