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Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Doors - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Doors - Off-Road Obsession


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The Soft Doors You Really Need
If you want to ride your Polaris Ranger through rain, sleet, and snow, you need SuperATV’s Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Doors. They're made with Pel-Tek Technology to make them burly enough for the elements. Plus, you can control your climate with built-in windows so you’ll never be more hot, cold, or wet than you want to be. Plus, we have everything else you need to make it a full cab enclosure for ultimate protection.

Made with Pel-Tek Technology
These doors are made with PVC-backed polyester that uses our innovative Pel-Tek technology so they’re resistant to punctures, tears, abrasions, and mildew. It’s incredibly tough and made even stronger with our heavy-duty binding and premium stitching that prevents frays and looks great. The whole thing is CNC cut to give you a perfect fit too. With Velcro, frame-mount snaps, and cinch straps to install it, it’s a secure fit that can handle hard rides and trailering alike.

Clarity that’s a Cut Above
Our double-polished vinyl windows give you unbeatable clarity that you’ll love. And that clarity will last thanks to their UV-resistant properties that protect them from yellowing or cracking.

Whether you’re going for a mid-summer cruise or a late-fall adventure, you need to be ready for changes in the weather. Our soft doors make it easy to adapt. Roll up the windows and secure them with the built-in flap when you need more air. Or if the weather’s looking clear all day, unzip the whole door and leave it home.

These doors are just the first step of getting a complete, full cab enclosure. All you need to do now is add SuperATV’s front and rear windshields and roofs to get the best cab protection possible. With a full cab enclosure, you don’t even have to check the forecast before you hop behind the wheel.

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