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Polaris Ranger XP 1000 RIDE System Rear Steering Kit - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger XP 1000 RIDE System Rear Steering Kit - Off-Road Obsession


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Take Control
On the trail, maneuverability is king. So when you’re making 7-point turns just to get around a tree in your Ranger, you’re not having a good time. SuperATV’s RIDE System Rear Steering Kit gives you a tighter turning radius for better maneuverability and better control over your rear-end positioning, so you can get around obstacles without backing up. With independent front and rear steering control, you get a driving experience that’s like nothing you’ve ever done before. It’s crazy fun, and makes any build sporty and nimble. So get loaded up with 8” GDP Portals and a big lift kit, or just offset A-arms—our RIDE System will keep you in control.

Maneuverability Like You’ve Never Seen
With up to a 45% tighter turning radius on most Rangers, you’ll be driving circles around your friends. It uses a hydraulic steering cylinder, redesigned rear suspension, and a patent pending design to make your rear wheels turn. Point the front and rear tires in the same direction to crab-walk. Move out of line when someone breaks down at the park, or get your tires out of a rut to gain better traction. Whether you’re in a 2-seater or a 4-seater, your Ranger will get pro-tier handling that will have you bobbing, weaving, and smiling everywhere you go.

The Autocentering Kit makes the RIDE System control even better. The waterproof wired remote controls your rear-end steering, while your wheel controls your front-end steering. The remote also includes an autocenter button and a manual/automatic toggle if you want the rear wheels to center when you let off the remote. The autocentering package also comes with an LED display for your dash that tells you how far left or right from center you’re turned, and it returns to center once you hit speeds of 30 MPH.

You can strip it down and save a few bucks with the standard kit. It doesn’t include autocentering or the LED display that tells you your steering angle, but you still get unmatched strength and waterproofing, you just have to control your rear end by feel or by sight.

We use chromoly ball joints, housings, and pivot blocks. You probably think that’s strong enough, but we went even further. We use premium, high-strength hub plates made out of a special steel alloy that’s even stronger than chromoly. The billet aluminum tie rods come with heavy-duty heim joints and inner ball-and-socket joints. Plus, everything is completely waterproof. Go deep in water and mud, and your steering will keep working no matter what.

Have a Ranger XP 1000 model that uses a dual-chamber muffler? We’ve got you covered.

Your stock, dual-chamber muffler won’t fit because it’s too big. Choose our single-chamber muffler at checkout and we’ll include it. It’s guaranteed to work with the RIDE System. Be sure to check the fitment before ordering.

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