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Polaris Ranger XP 570 Half Windshield - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger XP 570 Half Windshield - Off-Road Obsession


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Less Wind, More Comfort
It’s hard to get the most out of every ride when you’re squinting against the wind and spitting out bugs every few minutes. That’s why SuperATV’s Half Windshield is the perfect addition to your Polaris Ranger XP 570. A forward-facing upper lip diverts all that air and dust over your head, improving your cab comfort and overall ride experience.

Keep That Open-Cab Feel
Half windshields are great because they give you the best of both worlds. You’re protected from windburn and trail debris, and you still get to keep that open-cab feel that you love. And if you’re worried about it blocking your view, you can relax—this Polaris Ranger windshield sits at the perfect height to maximize both comfort and clarity.

Looks Good, Protects Even Better
You never know what you’re going to encounter when you’re riding. From low-hanging branches to your buddy’s rooster tail, your favorite ride spots will put any UTV windshield to the test. Luckily, this one can keep up. It’s made with 1/4” polycarbonate, which is 250 times stronger than glass. And it looks good, too. We precision cut it for a perfect fit to your Ranger.

Kick that polycarbonate strength up a notch by selecting XR Optic Hard Coating. It’s a proprietary blend that makes your windshield totally scratch resistant, and it protects against UV rays, too. XR Optic is the best way to keep your Ranger windshield looking new for longer.

Make your investment go further with our guide on . Each SuperATV windshield comes complete with all required hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, so installation is a breeze. They’re all proudly manufactured at our facility in Madison, Indiana.

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