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Polaris Ranger XP 900 Full Skid Plate - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger XP 900 Full Skid Plate - Off-Road Obsession


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For Real Protection
Your stock skid plate doesn’t give you the protection you need from debris on the ground. Hit a stick just right and you’ll get a spear sticking up through your plastic floor. Install SuperATV’s ARMW Skid Plate on your Polaris Ranger XP 900, and you’ll protect your cab and your drivetrain. The 1/2” ARMW plates are built to handle anything.

ARMW Doesn’t Budge
This UTV skid plate is made with proprietary 1/2” ARMW. It’s a high-strength blend of UHMW that’s abrasion and impact resistant. Whether you’re bottoming out on rocks or plowing through bushes, this skid plate won’t quit. Plus, it has built-in drain ports to make cleaning out mud easy.

NOTE: When running the Polaris Ranger XP Frame Stiffener / Gusset Kit with the Polaris Ranger Full Size Skid Plate, the frame stiffener will replace the front section of the skid plate.

Pat. No. 10,202,149

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