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Polaris Ranger XP 900 Powered Flip Windshield - Off-Road Obsession
Polaris Ranger XP 900 Powered Flip Windshield - Off-Road Obsession


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Powered and Practical
Are you planning to hit the trails with your buddies this weekend? Then you should prepare for what is most likely going to happen—pop-up rain showers or scattered thunderstorms. With SuperATV’s MaxDrive Power Flip Windshield installed to your Polaris Ranger XP 900, you’ll have the versatility to ride comfortably no matter the weather conditions. In seconds you can close, open, or set it to any position right from your seat with the flip of a switch. It’s the best solution, and once you have it installed you can leave it on all year.

Made of Quality Parts
From top to bottom, this Ranger flip windshield is built with only the toughest parts. From the high-strength electric actuators to the heavy-duty clamps, nothing is half-assed. Are you into extreme rides and worried the actuators won’t hold this windshield into place? Think again. The terrain will have your stomach upset, and your windshield will still be in the position you set it to. And we’ve added a black border for a finishing touch, giving it a sleek, automotive look. There’s more—it comes to you preassembled so you spend less time in the garage and more time on the trail.

Made with Polycarbonate Strength
With a windshield made of 1/4” polycarbonate, you won’t have to flinch every time a rock flies at you. It’s 250 times stronger than glass, so it’ll take more than a rock or branch to crack it. Polycarbonate is built to last.

With polycarbonate combined with our proprietary XR Optic Hard Coating, this windshield is unstoppable. The invisible, scratch-resistant coating is applied to both sides to protect against hazing and deterioration from UV radiation. You’ll have crystal-clear rides for years to come.

SuperATV consists of the most experienced windshield designers and manufacturers in the industry. We strive to set the bar for quality and innovation. If you’re looking for the best you can get, this is it.

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