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Ranger XP 900 Glass Windshield - Off-Road Obsession
Ranger XP 900 Glass Windshield - Off-Road Obsession


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Stay Protected
Tired of getting pelted in the face by debris out on the trail? We’ve got the solution: Install SuperATV’s Glass Windshield on your Polaris Ranger XP 900 and ride through anything. It has a wide viewing angle and a glare-reducing tint along with a manual wiper to make sure you get the best view possible. There are sliding vents built into the frame for comfort and it’s DOT approved. It’s the total package and the automotive glass windshield you need.

Extreme Scratch Resistance
This laminated glass windshield doesn’t scratch which makes it great for off-road protection. Whether you’re getting blasted by sand in the dunes or getting whacked by branch after branch on your backwoods ride, this safety glass stays crystal clear. It also has low electrostatic buildup to keep dust and dirt from clinging.

Vents and a Wiper Included
You get built-in vents to give you tons of airflow control so you stay comfortable even when it’s hot. They close tight to keep out wind and moisture too. The manual wiper is carefully positioned on the left side to give the driver the best view possible. It’s built for comfort and convenience.

With some of the other windshields we’ve tried, water drips in around the edges and we’re left asking, “what’s the point?” That’s why we went above and beyond with a precise combination of clamps and gaskets to make sure water and air don’t get in. You can ride through rain or icy air and the elements will stay out.

If you want a quiet windshield, then look no further. This windshield fastens tightly to your machine and makes use of seals to dampen vibration. Ride down any trail and it won’t rattle. We also beefed up our packaging because we know there’s nothing worse than getting a box of broken glass in the mail.

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