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Roof Rack - Side Cage Clamp Mount- Pair
Roof Rack - Side Cage Clamp Mount- Pair


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Mount roof racks off of the side of the cage, under aluminum and low profile plastic roofs using the Axia Alloys strap clamps.
Sold in pairs, One pair of mounts recommended for every 12″ of rack length.
Mounting to the side of the cage allows your roof to remain in position between the cage and the roof rack.
There are multiple mounting holes on each section of rack so that any of our mounts can be installed where they will not interfere with crossbars and gussets that may exist on your cage.
This is the best mounting option for custom UTV cages with aluminum roofs as they keep a very low profile, also works with some OEM plastic roofs but some trimming of the sides of the plastic might be necessary
Clamps are anodized and the 90′ bracket is powder coated textured black.

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